It’s time for learning English Grammar… Beginner Level

It’s time for learning English Grammar… Beginner Level
Basic English Grammar Tips Part One

Basic Grammar Tips

Posted 8 months ago by Odentall

t’s time for learning English Grammar… Beginner level

Basic Grammar Tips


Easy Learning English Series

A Basic Education Course for adult learners 

Written by ShaPour KhodaParast

ShaPour KhodaParast presents you How We Can Easily Talk in English.

This course of study is designed for adult learners with basic knowledge of English.

This series of basic courses are useful for learning and speaking English as a foreign language.   


Easy Learning English – ELE

Im is short for I am. Youre is short for you are.

Therefore, we say Im is just contraction for I am.

And youre is also just contraction for you are.

So, contraction means the process of becoming smaller.

What’s the contraction for a verb? Yes, V is a contraction for the verb.

What’s the contraction for a noun? Yes, is a contraction for the noun.

What’s the contraction for an adjective? Yes, adj is a contraction for the adjective.

📖 for example:

 Point(v) ⇒ we know this word is a verb.

Point(n) ⇒ and this word is a noun too.

Red(adj) ⇒ this word is an adjective.

Red(n) ⇒ it is also a noun too.

What's the benefit of knowing this information about a word?

If you want to understand well a sentence and translate it better in your language, you need to recognize these things.

📖 for example:

 Have a look at the word of Red, it is being used as an adjective in the following words and sentences

red apple / red car / red shirt / red rose / red lips / red bottle

He has a red car. she is wearing a beautiful red shirt every day. 

I have a red apple in my right hand and you have a red apple in your left hand.

But if you use red as a noun, it is being mean Communist.

She is from the red party. 

it would mean she is a member of the communist party and doesn't mean that we are having fun with red color at a party.

So, recognizing information about a word, helps us to have a good understanding of it means

 and also gives you a good ability for translating to your mother tongue language too.

And in the end, the commie is an abbreviation of Communist.

So, Red is also used as a contraction for the communist party too.

 easy learning english ele

Written by ShaPour KhodaParast



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