A Short writing by Ali Sain

A Short writing by Ali Sain
A short handwriting by the ELE group

A short handwriting by the members of WhatsApp ELE group

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Written by Ali Sain 

Bachelor of International Relations

26 year old

From Turkey



Once upon a time, everything went bad in the Middle East. And then one day a child was born, handsome, lovely and brave.His family called him Ali.

Ali was healthy and when her mother looked at him she found him in the Pink.

Then Ali grew up and found a Kingdom.

In that kingdom, everyone was equal, and have the same opportunities. So everybody was happy. 

King Ali, listened to his citizens and heard some strange things.

A person said to Ali we must spread out our kingdom and Chinese people eat all kinds of Animal we must save them. 

Then Ali said: I need to think about it and I need some more time.

And then King Ali went to his room and asked the waitress: What did you prepare for dinner, I am very hungry.

Waitress replied to the king Ali and brought him dinner.

And then all the public came together and they were in front of the King. 

King Ali was angry and said, "stop nagging".

We will do whatever you want, I promised, we will save animals. 

Then they made reconciling.



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