A Short writing by Nigora Sapaeva

A Short writing by Nigora Sapaeva
A short handwriting by the ELE group

A short handwriting by the members of WhatsApp ELE group

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Written by Nigora Sapaeva

Russian Language Teacher

47 years old 

From Uzbekistan


Everything will pass and even this ... History of cavemen

Once underground, small people lived in caves. They never rose to the surface of the earth and did not know what was happening there.

One day, one of them said: β€œI have an idea!”  Let's send one of us upstairs to find out what's going on there?!

Not all of them liked this idea, and the little men began to argue loudly among themselves.  

"Stop nagging!" the wisest man said.


"Let's calm down", he continued.  "I suggest you have dinner and think again. By the way, what's for dinner?"

Thus, he was able to calm all the little people, because they loved to eat.


After lunch, the bravest of all suddenly said: β€œI feel excellent!  I have not eaten such a delicious dinner for a long time then I'll go and see what happens there.  Don't worry about me. I'm as fit as fiddle."

When a man left his cave, he felt a strong cold.  It was winter and snowing. In returning, he told everyone that there was nothing interesting upstairs, that it was very cold and everything was white.

So the cavemen thought that the earth was shrouded in a white cold blanket.

But after a while, they decided to check it again what was there?

The second man, in returning, said that the earth was covered with a green blanket, everything was wet.

Then the third little man went to see what was happening.  When he left his cave, he was surprised.  The sun was shining, there were flowers around, butterflies were flying.  He lay down on the grass and enjoyed the pleasant rays of the sun


The moral of this story is that Everything is temporary One season replaces another.  And if it’s cold now, then the day will surely come when the sun's rays will warm you.  You just have to wait. Stay Home.





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