How we can speak English better and improve our fluency

How we can speak English better and improve our fluency
How to Improve Speaking Skills

An article about attention to the reading

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How we can speak English better and improve our fluency

How to Improve Speaking Skills 


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How we can speak English better and improve our fluency

How to Improve Speaking Skills 


📖  How we can speak English better and improve our fluency

I’ve read somewhere as a question about speaking English that, is speaking English as a mental or physical activity? 

The article was pointed to many ways of speaking English as learning as a sport that needs a lot of exercises and on the other hand, it’s believed that speaking is a mental activity.

And I can feel that it would not be interesting things to you because many of you just want to talk easily without much struggle and It has gone by many years and unfortunately, you are at the same point, just want to talk effortlessly.

But the truth is, there is no anything without a struggle, I'm sure you've heard this, no pain, no gain, and it's a good proverb that shows we have to spend time for the worthiest things and working on it if we would like to get it.

So, such articles that seem to get boring for you originally can help you to understand that you're working out well on it or not.

In this way, you learn to read articles with enough patience and understand the things in it, and also, you'll get new ideas that help to correct the way you're at it. It means that it helps you to be on the right track, and it's great to tune yourself on your own by reading an article.

So, let’s get back to the main subject, is speaking English as a mental or physical activity? 

As language learners, we tend to think of speaking English is a mental activity…But when you are learning how to speak English better, it’s actually very similar to the process of learning a new physical skill like dancing, skiing, or even riding a bike! 

Suppose you want to learn cycling, what would happen to you during the learning cycle?  Just consider the important things that would be revealed how you can learn and then improve yourself in it. 

You would notice that with reading and consideration you can gain a lot of important things that can help you as the right key. Just have enough patience to read and think until the golden key points are revealed to you. You seem, you would become your own teacher and find yourself on the right track of progress. Don't you think it's great?

The Facts You Understand during cycling:

Your instructor wants to make sure you know how to ride and stop. After he explains how to do it, you understand that you need to put more pressure on your right leg to start for riding.


Developing Skills: 

The first time you try to follow the instructions, and you start putting pressure on your leg, but cycling does not take very much and you immediately fall down!

However, after trying to do the same thing several times, you learn how to ride a bike.


Can you tell yourself what you learned from cycling?

Yeah, it’s right, now you understand the fundamental of reading and thinking, therefore, you notice too many right things that you have to follow for getting progress and It will change our habits and turn into the right habits.


To learn how to speak English well, you need to start with some basic knowledge (which you already have): basic pronunciation, common vocabulary and a few grammar rules like how to conjugate a verb, believed or not, many of English learners didn’t enough conjugate verbs that used in the routine life.

They know how to conjugate the verbs, but didn't do it much, because of knowing how it works.

But when you conjugate a lot of verbs, you notice to the right meaning of the verbs in many situations that we usually use in our daily life.

So, knowing is not enough, when you use it practically you can tell yourself you know it now, so the golden key is The Practice.

The more practice, the more you will master, so the more you practice, the better and the more you will achieve.

Do you think that is needed to ask how to improve our fluency?!

We know what the golden key is, but we still need something else for improvement, the innovative educational materials that lead us to learn effortlessly.


But we can ask: we’ve learned a lot of grammar rules during years, but we still can’t talk easily, what’s the problem?!

Even though you ‘know’ the words and you ‘learned’ how to put the sentence together, when you try to speak English, it is really difficult! Your brain is trying to do an ‘action’ based on the knowledge that was stored in your brain while you focused on learning individual activities and rules during the years you've learned.

When you speak, your thoughts are spontaneous and you have to recall several rules to structure the sentence correctly and remember the correct vocabulary while trying to speak out loud with good pronunciation to be understood.

Every time that you use a new word or remember a grammar rule while speaking, you are developing your speaking skills. This is the process of remembering and using your knowledge.

At first, speaking English is slow and uncomfortable. After using the most common words hundreds of times and putting together different grammar structures, it becomes faster and easier to recall this information.


Speaking fluency is developed when you use your English ‘knowledge’ with ‘action’ of speaking, and it's a clear simple way to fluency in talking in English.


So, for getting progress faster, we need better educational materials to put us on the right track.

And we are here not only to show you the right way, but also to take participate in practical practice with you all.

Easy Learning English would prepare good and educational, innovative materials for all of you till How to Speak English Without Thinking.


Good Luck.

ShaPour KhodaParast

Easy Learning English E.L.E




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