Improve listening skills for IELTS and TOEFL

Improve listening skills for IELTS and TOEFL
How to Improve Listening Skills

A new idea for how to create and manage the time for yourself

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Improve listening skills for IELTS and TOEFL

How to Improve Listening Skills 


Easy Learning English E.L.E

An Education Article for adult learners 

Written by ShaPour KhodaParast

ShaPour KhodaParast presents you How We Can Easily Create and Manage the Time.


A new idea for how to create and manage the time for yourself

Improve listening skills for IELTS and TOFEL


πŸ“–  How to improve our listening skills

It’s a deep question and needs more time for explanation.

Let me tell you something, first of all, if you have read the content more carefully,

You could find out some ideas which could help you in the right direction.

The title β€œMake the time to read β€œshows you an offer of how you can use your daily time for learning and how it would turn to your daily habit.

Our big problems and the main reasons are down to time because of work and family commitments.

Then we have to make the most of every second that we can find and use it appropriately.

The new generation isn’t used to carrying books with themselves but they are ready for every time and every moment to use their cellphones and we know there are a lot of e-books even with audio tracks like podcast, then whenever we are going to work or everywhere we need to go, we can listen to these things.

Or when we are sitting on a bus, it is a great time to read the pdf files that we ever wanted to read but unfortunately hadn’t enough time.

This is a good technique for learning new vocabulary and phrases too.

Now, these days everyone has a cellphone. Record the words you would like to learn on your cellphone. Then when you are out, you can listen to your files and repeat them as many times as you wish.

In this way, you have created a precious time for learning without any stress.

So, it is you who can create time for yourself if you really want to learn something.

If you are creative enough you can innovative mp3 files yourself, for instance, you can record new words and vocabularies with their spelling, and also add up an example for the proper word you are recording.

So, it is up to you, how much do you create times for yourself and use this time with innovative techniques!?

Just trust yourself, you can change every impossible thing to possible thing.

There are a lot of other ways and techniques for learning that it needs to talk somewhere else.


Good Luck.

ShaPour KhodaParast

Easy Learning English E.L.E



πŸ“– Some useful words and phrases:

First of all: before anything else

Find out (phrasal verb): to acquire valuable information about something, realize, notice.

Down to (preposition): because of – due to 

Have to (verb): need to – must – should – ought to 

A lot of (pronoun, adv): a large amount or a large number of people or things

These days (adv): used to talk about the present time, in comparison with the past

Create (verb): to make something new and bring it into existence – invent – generate – produce

Innovative (adjective): using new methods or ideas

For instance (adv): for example

It is up to you: it belongs to your decision

Trust (verb): to believe, truth

Trust to yourself: belief in yourself


πŸ“– Learning more:

What is the difference between improving something and improving on/upon something?

It’s a phrasal verb and when you are in the middle of making the improvement we use this, to improve on.

For examples:

Improve: make it better.

Improve upon or improve on: make something that is better than it – Achieve or produce something better than

βœ… you really need to improve your typing skills.

βœ… you really need to improve on your typing skills.

Improve on, [ ~ + object ] to produce something better than:

βœ… I would say that you improve your typing.

βœ… you might improve on the essay you wrote last week.


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