It’s time for learning English Grammar…

It’s time for learning English Grammar…
Basic English Grammar Tips Part Two

Basic Grammar Tips

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t’s time for learning English Grammar…

Basic Grammar Tips


Easy Learning English Series

A Basic Education Course for adult learners 

Written by ShaPour KhodaParast

ShaPour KhodaParast presents you How We Can Easily Talk in English.

This course of study is designed for adult learners with basic knowledge of English.

This series of basic courses are useful for learning and speaking English as a foreign language.   


Easy Learning English – ELE


  • Grammar Tips 
  • a/an, plural nouns
  • We use “a” before words beginning with a consonant: a birda friend
  • We use “an” before words beginning with a vowel: an artistan ankle
  • Do you know how many are there vowel letters in English alphabet?
  • Can you remember?
  • So, let me review vowel letters in English too.
  • We have 26 alphabet letters in English and there are five vowel letters in it and all the rest are consonant letters.
  • A – E – O – I – U, these are vowel letters in English alphabet letters.
  • There are no articles for plural words: peppers, three books, keys
  • A book – three books – an open book – a key – a knife – a glass – a man – a box
  • Open books – a close window – close windows – a big mouth – a big head
  • a/an, plural nouns
  • Regular plurals:
  • We have two kinds of form for a noun.
  • Singular form that use just for one things. Like (An applea dog)
  • Plural form that use for more than one things, like (applesdogs)
  • most nouns can change from singular form to plurals form with adding “s” to the end of singular form.
  • For example: (an apple  apples) without the article form.
  • Pepper ⇒ peppershouse  housessalt  saltsshirt  shirts
  • Some nouns ending in (-s, -ss, -sh, -ch, -x, -o) in singular form change to plural form with adding “es” to the end of singular form.
  • For example: (a bus  busses) without the article form.
  • glass  glasses - tomato  tomatoes - bush  bushessandwich  sandwiches - box  boxes watch  watches
  • But we have some exception form too but few like (A photo  photos)
  • And nouns ending in vowel with “-y” at the end of it like “A Toy” change this way
  • A toy  toys    pay attention before “y” we have a vowel lettero” and as we know it before we have five vowel letters (aIeou).
  • For more example look at these words: boy  boys – key  keysdonkey  donkeys
  • And nouns ending in consonant with “-y” at the end of it like “A strawberry” change this way:    A strawberry  strawberries pay attention before “y” we have consonant letter.
  • For example:  A dictionary   dictionaries – fly  flies – party  parties
  • We also have two kinds of plural forms for a noun
  • So, there are two forms for plural nouns, Regular plurals and Irregular plurals
  • For example:
  • Nouns ending in “-f, -fe” in singular form easily change and follow rules
  • For example:  leaf  leaves – loaf  loaves – wife  wives – knife  knives
  • But some nouns have irregular plurals.
  • Each of them forms the plural in a different way.
  • Have a look at these nouns with different plural forms:
  • man  menwoman  women –  child  childrentooth  teeth – foot  feet – mouse  mice
  • and there are also nouns that don’t change in the plural form.
  • For example:  sheep  sheep – fish  fishdeer  deer
  • Best wishes – Good luck


  easy learning english ele

Written by ShaPour KhodaParast




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