It’s time learning English…

It’s time learning English…
Basic words and sentences Part Five

A new educational way of learning English just based on speaking

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It’s time for learning English…

Basic words and sentences


Easy Learning English Series

A Basic Education Course for adult learners 

Written by ShaPour KhodaParast

ShaPour KhodaParast presents you How We Can Easily Talk in English.

This course of study is designed for adult learners with basic knowledge of English.

This series of basic courses are useful for learning and speaking English as a foreign language.   


📖 Let's get started!

📖 Basic words and sentences that we need to know in our class.

📖 Unit Zero – Part Five


     Practical Conversations

  • My name is Hector Opal.
  • Sorry, what’s your first name again?   It’s Hector.
  • Excuse me, what was your last name again It’s Opal.
  • I can’t hear clearly your voice!  
  • Could you repeat it again, please?
  • Can you say it again?
  • Can you say it louder?
  • There is a lot of noise, then I can’t hear well.
  • There is a lot of noise, then I can’t hear well enough.
  • There is a lot of noise, then I can’t hear you well.
  • There is a lot of noise, then I can’t hear you well enough.
  • There is a lot of noise, then I can’t hear your voice well.
  • There is a lot of noise, then I can’t hear your voice well enough.
  • I didn’t get your first name!        My first name is Helen.
  • I didn’t catch your first name!    My forename is John.
  • I didn’t get your last name!       My last name is Smith.
  • I didn’t catch your last name!   My family name is Smith too.
  • What’s your name?  It’s Barbara but please call me Barb.
  • It’s Gates, Mike Gates.
  • Are you single or married? I’m single.
  • How about you? You mean me, I’m single too.
  • How about her?  Is she married? Yes, she is.
  • Are you married?  Yes, I’m married.
  • How many children do you have?
  • I have two kids.
  • Girl or boy!?  One boy and the other one is a girl.
  • Girl or boy!     ⇒     male or female
  • Work in groups.
  • Work in groups of three.
  • Greet someone.    ⇒    Greet = saying hello    ⇒    Greetings = Compliment
  • Greet someone at home.
  • Greet someone at school.
  • Greet someone at the party.
  • Greet someone at the airport.
  • Greet someone at the bus station.
  • Greet your friends.
  • Greet your family when you go home.
  • Greet your classmates when you come into the class.
  • It’s time to practice in groups.
  • It’s time to practice in pairs
  • It’s time to work in groups.
  • It’s time to work in groups of three.
  • It’s time to practice with your classmate.
  • So, let’s get started.
  • So, it’s time to begin.
  • So, it’s time to start it.
  • So, it’s time to work in groups.
  • So, it’s time to try.
  • Let’s begin now.
  • Let’s start it.
  • Let’s work in groups.
  • Let’s have a try on it.
  • Let’s work in pair.
  • Let’s introduce ourselves.
  • Introduce yourself to your classmate.
  • My name’s Jim Harrison. I’m Jim Harrison.
  • Hi, my name’s Rev Marshall.
  • Sorry, what’s your name again? What’s your first name again?
  • It’s Reverly, but please call me Rev.
  • What’s your name again?
  • What was your name?
  • What was your name again?
  • Introduce yourself to other classmates.
  • Hi everybody, I’m Kim Brandon and I’m so pleased to be in this class.
  • This time ask your partner to repeat her/his first, last or full name.
  • My name’s (full name/first name/last name)…
  • Sorry, what’s your (first name/last name /full name) again?
  • It’s (first name/last name /full name).
  • Hi, what’s your first name?  My name’s Kathy.
  • Pardon, what was your first name again?  It’s Kathy.
  • Hi, what’s your last name?  My last name’s Douglas.
  • What was your last name again?  It’s Douglas.
  • Hi, what’s your full name? My full name’s Kathy Douglas.
  • Sorry, what was your full name again?  It’s Kathy Douglas.
  • This is Mr. Wilson.
  • How do you do, Mr. Wilson? My name is John.
  • How do you do, Mr. John.
  • This is my brother, Peter.
  • What’s his name again?
  • It’s Peter.
  • Pleased to meet you, peter.
  • Pleased to meet you too, Mr. Wilson.
  • And this is my beautiful wife, Mary.
  • What’s her name again?
  • Mary, Mr. Wilson. It’s Mary.
  • Very glad to meet you here, Mary.
  • There is a lot of noise over here. Sorry, I couldn’t hear you well.
  • Don’t worry, Mr. Wilson. it's a party so there are a lot of sounds here.


📖 Word list

      ✅  I didn’t get your first name.  = I didn't understand what your first name is.

      ✅ I didn’t catch your first name. = I didn't understand what your first name is.

      ✅ How do you do? = it means that you are pleased to meet and would like to know you.


           Tip: when someone tells you How do you do? You can answer her/him the same.


                For example:   Mr. A: how do you do?

                                         Mrs. B: how do you do?


📖 let's keep going with much more practice but not now

📖 later with the next post


Good Luck

ShaPour KhodaParast

Founder of ELE (Easy Learning English)



Designed by ShaPour KhodaParast. Copyright is for the Author & MYELE


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